Houston fire department responds to Twitter account that posted false information about Houston police department

The Houston Fire Department is responding to a tweet that appears to accuse the department of having an issue with an incident involving a black officer in 2014.

On Friday, a Houston Chronicle reporter tweeted, “HFD has confirmed that an internal investigation into an incident in 2014 involving a Black Houston Firefighter is complete.

HFD will make no further comment.”

The tweet was later deleted.

A representative for the Houston Fire and Rescue Department told Breitbart News on Saturday, “The HFD has no comment at this time.”

The statement did not specify whether the department would make further statements regarding the tweet.

The tweet comes after a tweet by the Houston Chronicle journalist claiming that the Houston Police Department “took black people and used them as punching bags.”

On Friday evening, the Houston Independent newspaper reported that the tweet was “false” and was “part of a larger Twitter trend of falsely linking to the Houston fire and police department in a race-based attack.”

The Houston Independent later updated the story to say that the Twitter account, @HFDHouston, had been deleted.

On Saturday, Breitbart News spoke to the spokesperson for the HFD, who confirmed to Breitbart News that the department had made no further statement.

“We can confirm the information is false,” the spokesperson told Breitbart.

“As a police department we are committed to transparency.

We will not confirm any information that may be false, but we will not be taking any actions to shut down or censor any account that may have posted misinformation.”

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