How to Avoid a Bad Reaction to the Philly Water Pollution Prevention Campaign

The Philly Water Project is coming out with a campaign to reduce the amount of pollution that is released into our city’s waterways and streams.

It has created a number of interactive water displays that have been put on the streets in the Philadelphia area to show what you could do to reduce your risk of exposure to contaminants in the water.

It’s also trying to educate people about the dangers of pollution in the city, so they’re more likely to take action. 

The campaign, which will run until August 1, will feature educational messages that include:1.

What it takes to live safely in the City of Brotherly Love.2.

How to avoid pollution.3.

How much pollution there is in our water.4.

The Clean Water Act and how to use it to protect our water, soil and air.5.

How many people have died from pollution-related illnesses.6.

What the city can do to keep pollution at bay.7.

What you can do about pollution and clean water. 

And finally, they’ll feature a list of 10 tips to reduce exposure to pollution that are both safe and effective. 

There’s a lot to take in with this campaign.

You’ll see a number different types of interactive displays, including the Water Polluted, the Polluted and the Clean, which feature water quality information on the water surface.

The Water Pollute and the Pollution displays will feature water-quality information about specific contaminants that are causing problems in the river and lake systems, as well as the pollution in rivers and lakes, including toxic heavy metals and lead.

They also include information about the Clean Water Law and how you can use it in your own community to protect your health.

If you’ve got any questions about the campaign or are interested in learning more about the water-pollution prevention effort, you can find more information here.

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