How to find the best city police department in Denver

Denver police officers are coming under fire from local residents after they took down a billboard on the city’s west side advertising a police department they say lacks transparency and accountability.

The billboard is a mockup of Denver’s police department.

Police have been in a war of words with the billboard’s creator, who has filed a federal lawsuit against the city.

The Denver Post and the Coloradoan, two newspapers covering the city, said the billboard depicts an undercover officer posing as a potential buyer of stolen goods, but the image was taken out of context and the billboard was created for a different purpose.

The city is seeking a federal court injunction that would block the billboard.

The police department is the only one of three in the state that has been in court over the billboard, which was put up by Denver attorney David Ramey.

He said he wanted to put his own stamp on the department, which has not had a police chief since 2010.

The poster’s description reads, “I’m not a cop, but I’m a citizen.

This is the police department.”

It also has a police logo, a red-white-and-blue color scheme and a large police box.

The city has been embroiled in a legal battle with the man behind the billboard and his lawyer, who says the billboard is misleading and that the city has violated the First Amendment.

In response, the police said in a statement that the poster’s use of language was inaccurate.

It said the city did not authorize the billboard because it was not created for the purpose of being used in an advertisement.

The City of Denver has said it believes the poster was a legitimate advertisement, and the city is reviewing the case.

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