How to Make Your Own Fake News Page on Facebook

The first thing you will need is a Facebook account.

Once you create a new account, the account will be set up on your Facebook account in the order that you entered your information.

You will then be able to access your account and create and share content.

You can also view content that you have already shared on your profile, like trending stories and news articles.

For more information on how to set up your Facebook page, click here.

Once your Facebook profile is set up, you can see which pages your friends have shared on Facebook.

To create a page for your friends, click on the “Add a Friend” button at the top of your profile.

In the list of “Friends” that appear, you will see a list of your friends that you would like to add to your Facebook friend list.

You must be friends with your friends to be able see them.

When you click on “Add Friends,” you will be able add any of your Facebook friends.

The following instructions will allow you to add your Facebook buddies to your friend list and set up their profiles.

Note: If you are a new Facebook user, you should also follow the Facebook instructions for adding your Facebook buddy to your profile before creating a new profile.

When creating a profile, click the “Create New Profile” button.

In this window, you must fill out the profile information for the person you are adding as your Facebook user.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you do not need to fill out any information for your friend.

In order to make your profile look real, you need to create a picture for the profile.

For this tutorial we will be using a picture of a man, so you will only need to use a picture with one of your favorite Facebook profiles.

For each of your social media profiles, click “Edit” to add a photo of yourself, the person who you are friends with, or someone you know.

In your profile settings, you are able to choose whether you want the profile to appear on your friends or not.

You should choose “Friends.”

In the picture window that appears, you have the option to make the profile appear on the page of your friend or not at all.

Once created, your profile will appear as a friend on your friend’s profile.

If you have multiple friends on your page, they can see each other’s profile pictures when you share their profile pictures.

When someone likes your profile picture, the Facebook friend will be given the option of liking your profile page as well.

When a friend has liked your profile image, they will be automatically notified of your posts.

In most cases, when a friend shares a picture, you and the friend will see the picture on the same page.

In some cases, a friend might not share a picture because they are busy.

In these cases, you could post a comment to your status.

For example, if your friend wants to say something to you about the time that you posted the picture, they could say something like, “I love that picture.”

However, you would need to make sure that you do this in a respectful way.

If the person that you post a picture to likes the picture too much, you may be able get a negative comment in the comments section.

You could also comment on a friend’s status, but it is not required.

When posting a picture on your status, the user that you are posting it to can click on a picture in the image gallery to see a preview of the image.

This allows you to see what you might have posted.

Once the person clicks on the image, you’ll see a picture that has a comment.

If your friend likes your picture, your status will be updated and the person will see your status and comment.

To reply to a comment, you might say, “That is a nice picture.”

You can either reply directly to the comment, or you can comment on the status.

When people post pictures of you on your photo gallery, the pictures will appear in the gallery in the same way that they appear on Facebook itself.

When your friend is commenting on your photos, the photo will be placed at the bottom of the gallery.

If a photo is liked by more people than you, you get a “Like” box next to the photo.

If it is a photo that has been liked by a lot of people, you won’t see any box next the photo, but the person may see your friend, and their comment.

You might also see a box next your friend that says, “Like this image.”

If you share a photo, you usually receive a “Share” box at the end of the photo to let other people know you shared it.

If people like your photo, they are likely to reply to your comment.

This will allow them to see the comment on your comment box and see how they would have responded to your comments.

Once a comment is made, you don’t

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