How to protect your house from an EV attack: Here are 10 steps to take

In late September, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance for cities and counties to be on alert for possible EV attacks, and it’s encouraging them to take additional steps to help protect themselves from the potentially devastating pandemic.

Among other things, it said they should consider using the same protocols that protect houses from hurricanes.

The agency said cities should have a comprehensive fire protocol and training to prevent the spread of disease, and they should develop a plan to deal with the potentially fatal spread of a disease through the use of fire-resistance equipment.

It also recommends that communities be prepared to deal, for example, with an EV outbreak of the respiratory syndrome coronavirus, which is transmitted through the air and can be severe.

The agency recommended that the city and county do the following:Have a comprehensive protocol to deal w/ coronaviruses such as coronavillosis, pneumonic plague, norovirus, or other respiratory viruses, and provide protection for their residents.

Provide the appropriate number of fire and rescue teams and resources, including water, food, medical supplies, generators, and protective gear.

Have trained health professionals on how to handle such an outbreak, and have the proper facilities to deal and handle such situations.

Make a concerted effort to spread the disease by engaging with those most likely to contract it, such as healthcare workers, those with family members, and people with compromised immune systems, the guidance said.

The guidance also urged the government to develop policies that include training for healthcare providers and staff to detect EV outbreaks.

It also called on states to develop an “emergency plan to prepare” for an EV pandemic, which would include making sure public health systems have the capacity to respond to outbreaks quickly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday it is deploying a team to Florida, Texas and the U;s Northeast to coordinate the response to the EV pandemics.

The team includes local emergency management officials, state and local emergency preparedness officials, county and city health officials, and the head of the Florida Department of Health and Human Services.

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