How to protect yourself from domestic abuse in West London

Domestic abuse is not just a problem in the UK, according to a new report published by the London and South East England (LSE) Health Department.

“Domestic abuse is an issue in all parts of the world, not just the UK,” said Dr Sarah Macdonald, who is the head of the LSE’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Team.

“The LSE is committed to supporting victims of domestic violence and they are welcome to come forward.”

However, we know that domestic abuse is a complex issue that can cause distress, feelings of isolation and emotional distress for many people.

“We have to do everything we can to support people to have the support they need to deal with this and that is why we have developed the Domestic Violence Support Centre, and the Domestic Abuse Treatment Centre.”

These are vital resources for victims of abuse, as well as providing them with support in the face of their partner’s abuse.

“The centre is designed to help them with issues of trust and communication and to help prevent the person from abusing the person.”

The centre provides a free and confidential 24-hour support line for domestic abuse victims, as they seek help, advice and support from the LSEE and local police, and for those who are victims of sexual violence, as it provides them with information on how to contact the police if they suspect their partner is committing or attempting to commit domestic violence.

The team also provides support to victims of partner abuse, and helps with crisis support, counselling and other support services.

The report, which has been published in the journal Injury Prevention, also looks at the prevalence of sexual abuse, sexual violence and domestic abuse, how to protect your own health, and how to recognise signs of abuse.

The main findings from the report include:1.

Domestic abuse can be a serious problem in all countries of the globe.

It can lead to feelings of alienation, isolation, feelings that the world is against you, and anxiety and stress.


Domestic violence can be experienced by many different people, with a range of experiences, some of which are more common in men than in women.3.

Victims of domestic abuse can suffer a range and intensity of problems, including problems with self-esteem, mental health, relationships, friendships, and financial problems.4.

The majority of victims of DV experience their abuse in their childhood.5.

Sexual violence is the leading cause of physical and mental harm in the family, and affects nearly all children and young people.6.

In the UK the majority of those who experience domestic violence are men.

The Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Centre has been created by the LES, and has been operating since June 2017.

The centre’s aim is to provide a free, confidential, 24-hours crisis line for DV victims and to provide them with the support and resources they need, including the ability to get help with sexual and/or physical abuse and other issues.

“Domestic violence is a problem that affects all communities and is an ongoing challenge that we all have to confront,” Dr Macdonald said.

“There are ways to reduce the impact of this problem on the individual and their loved one, and to ensure that domestic violence is not accepted as normal in the community.”

I want to see the UK become a place where we can all feel safe to be ourselves and we can also learn to trust each other and have the confidence to support each other, as we are all made to feel that we are worth more and that we deserve support.””

I believe this report will help to help us tackle the problem and I’m confident that our partnership will continue to make a difference,” she added.

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