How to stop police brutality in Philadelphia

Newark, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the shooting death of 18-year-old Jamar Clark in the Newark Police Department’s headquarters, police officers have been on high alert to keep an eye out for any potential threats. 

In fact, officers have begun to issue orders to fellow officers to remain alert. 

The incident was captured on video by a bystander, and it has already sparked renewed debate about police use of force. 

“The videos of the killing of Jamar show how law enforcement officers responded to the incident,” said Jamar’s mother, DeShawn Clark.

“The video showed the police officers, who were supposed to be on the scene, not even coming close to stopping the violence. 

Officers who were involved in the shooting, including the officers on the street, should have been able to stop this from happening.” 

While the video was shot by a passerby, it is believed that it was captured by officers who were patrolling the scene. 

After the incident, Newark Police Chief Mark Loehmann announced that he would be investigating the incident and was calling on the community to send tips. 

He said in a statement, “As an officer and as a person who believes that we should be above the violence, I am shocked and appalled by the brutality of these police officers and the disregard for human life that was shown in the aftermath of this senseless tragedy.” 

In the video, Officer Matthew Houser can be seen standing at a distance, holding a rifle. 

Houser is then heard saying, “Let’s get the crowd.” 

The officer then asks the crowd, “Do you know where Jamar is?” 

The crowd replies, “Yeah.” 

Houzer then asks, “Did you know who he was?

What happened?” 

“He was killed,” says the crowd. 

When asked if Housers actions were justified, the crowd replies in unison, “No.” 

“Did you hear him say anything?”

Housestar asks the audience. 

 “No,” the crowd responds. 

A bystander then yells at the officers, “Stop!” 

The officers then move towards Housher, and he is heard saying “No!” 

Hussein Nassir, an attorney representing Houserman, told the New York Times that he was outraged by the shooting. 

Nassir said, “What happened here is the very essence of police brutality.

You don’t have to be an expert on police brutality to see the difference between a man being shot and a man with a gun in his hand and shot to death by police officers. 

That’s what this is.

It’s not just about a video, it’s about the fact that police officers are doing these things. 

As Nassir said to the Times, “This was not just a one-off event.

This is what we’ve been seeing for many, many years.” 

Following the incident in Newark, there have been calls for the NYPD to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting and how it was handled. 

Following Nassir’s statement, the New Jersey Attorney General’s office issued a statement saying that they have been “in communication with the Newark police department and other local and state authorities regarding the shooting of Jamaru Clark.” 

However, Nassir says the police department did not respond to his request for a review. 

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man on Friday night, just days after another officer fatally shot a mentally ill man on the same street. 

Philadelphia police officer Joshua Harris was also placed on administrative leave after video surfaced showing him fatally shooting Jamar Housinger. 

Both incidents are the result of incidents that have been the subject of protests in the city over police brutality and the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. 

More than 200 people gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Newark Public Library on Saturday night to protest the police shooting.

The protests began shortly after midnight when a man named Jamar, who was holding a pellet gun, was shot and fatally shot by Harris, a police sergeant.

At the time, Harris had been placed on paid administrative leave by the Philadelphia Police Department, the Inquirers report. 

Harris had been called to the scene after receiving a call from a man who said he was holding what appeared to be a gun. 

Witnesses told police that Jamar was reaching for the gun, and Harris fired twice. 

Jamar Hamer, who is black, died at the scene and was later identified as Jamar Samuel Clark, an 18-years-old white man.

Jamar was shot three times and later died of his injuries.

The video footage was released on Thursday by the Jamar and Jamar Lives Matter organization.

In the wake of

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