‘I just wanted to say thanks’: ‘I am proud of my career’

The Rio Olympics are over, and the Games have finally started.

The opening ceremony, which was held on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, was watched by over a million people and the first video of Rio’s opening ceremony was released.

It’s been quite a journey for Brazilian gymnast and former world champion Simone Biles, who has been in Rio since last year to watch the games from a balcony overlooking the Olympic stadium.

I just wanted, like so many of you, to thank you and thank my family and everyone who has supported me throughout this journey, she said in her acceptance speech.

But now that the games are over and Rio is back on, she says she’s happy to get back to focusing on her training and getting ready for the Olympic Games in 2020.

Biles has had a difficult journey since she left the Olympics.

In Rio, she was the world champion and the Olympic gold medalist, and a lot of people took her to be an inspiration.

But her coach, Simone Bils, said that after a year in Brazil, Biles had not changed her focus and her focus on winning gold.

Bils said Biles was more focused on her career.

I have to tell you that I am proud to be able to say that I had a positive impact on Simone Bile’s life, Bils told The Associated Press.

Simone is the most talented gymnast that I know.

And she’s also the most beautiful.

Simone was so grateful that she could see what I was going through.

Simone had to overcome a lot for the last year and a half, she told the AP.

I had to learn how to be a woman.

Simone said that she was very thankful to her family, coaches and the coaches who helped her get through the difficult time.

Simone, who was competing in the women’s freestyle gymnastics, won gold in the 100m freestyle and 200m freestylers in the Rio Olympics last summer.

It was her second consecutive Olympics, and she finished third overall in the 200m, where she had her best performance ever.

Simone Bels gymnastics coach, Maria Bils.

(AP Photo/Erika Sosa) Simone’s mother Maria, who is Brazilian and has lived in Brazil for 10 years, told AP that Simone had a hard time adjusting to living in Rio.

Simone did not speak English, she is a bit of a mystery to us, she explained.

She had to go to a few schools and we didn’t know where she was going.

And when she got here she was still in a bubble of what happened in the country.

I think that she had to be quite a shock to our world.

I mean, she just moved here in the middle of the Olympics and she had no idea what was going on, said Maria Bels.

I thought it would be a great thing to have her here, she added.

I’m happy that Simone got a chance to go and see her mother, she shared.

Simone’s father, Rodrigo, is a doctor and he has been supporting her through her whole journey.

Rodrigo told AP he was very happy with Simone’s Olympic performance.

I believe Simone, I think she has a lot to be proud of, he said.

I don’t want her to feel alone, he added.

Simone also had a strong support system in Brazil.

She got help from Simone’s coach and coach for her, according to Maria Bilities coach.

It just showed Simone’s determination.

It showed her strength and her determination, said Bils coach.

And her mother also helped her, said Simone’s trainer.

I know that Simone will be back, said Rodrigo.

She will get stronger and she will come back stronger.

But we are also thankful to Simone, and to her mother for their support, he told the Associated Press last year.

She has been an inspiration to all of us, said her mother.

Simone will always be my hero, said the Rio 2016 gymnast.

She is my best friend and I hope that she will have another great Olympic Games.

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