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Police cars in the United States have a range of different designations: an SUV, a pickup, a light commercial vehicle and a police vehicle. 

Each has their own unique characteristics and functions.

For instance, an SUV has a number of standard features that make it an ideal vehicle for police work, such as a front-mounted airbag and body camera.

An SUV also has a large rear window, a roof mounted radar, an automatic climate control system and a retractable roof rack.

In the past, the American police department has used police cars as their primary form of transport.

The U.S. Police Association, which represents police officers, has long opposed police use of vehicles as a form of private transport, citing safety concerns.

But the Association recently adopted a policy that states that “police vehicles are an essential tool for the law enforcement community in serving their communities, and that the use of such vehicles by other law enforcement agencies should be governed by the same standards and guidelines.”

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has said that police use “has never been a primary purpose” of the police. 

But, there is a growing body of research suggesting that police vehicles are often used for the purposes of transporting individuals. 

According to a 2013 report by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), police vehicles have been involved in an average of 4,300 fatalities per year since 1992. 

While there has been a large amount of research on the use and use of police vehicles by private contractors, there have been few studies examining the use by the government. 

Researchers in the field of police safety have conducted field studies to gain a better understanding of the use, costs and benefits of police use.

In a recent paper published in the journal Transportation Research Part A, the authors analyzed the use patterns of police cars by the Department of Transportation and examined the data from more than 150 police agencies.

They found that while there are several differences between the use rates of police and private vehicles, the majority of the agencies in the study use their vehicles as part of their regular policing functions. 

The researchers also found that the police vehicles they studied have a wide range of features that are useful for the safety and welfare of their officers. 

A number of factors, including the availability of space, the type of vehicles, their location, the level of automation, and the use pattern, were considered when assessing the types of features police use on police vehicles. 

Among the findings: Police use rates vary across agencies. 

In the Northeast, there were an average total of 5,926 police-related deaths in 2012, with 4,938 involving a police-involved vehicle.

Police use of private vehicles in the Northeast was about 4% higher than the national average. 

There are more than 80% of police-owned vehicles in use in the Northwest, compared to just over 60% in the Midwest. 

Of the 4,532 deaths involving police- and private-vehicle-related injuries, over half were in the North. 

Nearly one in six police-vehicles in use were in use at the time of the accident. 

Police-owned cars were used to transport more than one person per day. 

Between 1990 and 2012, the number of police officers assigned to a department increased by nearly 1.7%. 

Police vehicles were used more often by civilians than by civilians in most cities. 

As a result, civilians were injured more often than police officers in police- or private-driven vehicles.

The number of injuries involving police and civilian vehicles declined in cities that had police departments with civilian-owned fleets and in cities where police departments did not have civilian-own fleets. 

Overall, there was a significant decrease in the number and type of injuries, deaths and property damage related to police-operated vehicles compared to police and non-police-operated fleet vehicles.

Police-vehicular injuries decreased by 1.5% and civilian-vehotic injuries declined by 1%. 

The use of non-private-operated cars was associated with a statistically significant decrease of vehicle-related fatalities in the past five years. 

Cities with non-cop-owned fleet vehicles were more likely to have fewer injuries, property damage and property loss related to vehicle-involved crashes and collisions, than cities with cop-owned and noncop-operated fleets.

The authors also found a statistically significantly greater rate of crashes involving police vehicles, compared with those involving civilian vehicles, in cities with a higher percentage of noncop fleet vehicles compared with cities with low percentages of civilian vehicles.

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