When cops are called to the right person, they’re likely to be the right kind of person

Police departments across the country are using a new model of engagement to find out if someone has a criminal history, and whether they can help them keep the peace and make a difference.

It is the most common scenario for law enforcement to make a contact with a person when they are in crisis, and the officers are hoping that by being there that they will be able to get a positive outcome.

It can save lives, said Rob Walker, chief operating officer at the Minneapolis Police Department. 

“What we’re seeing is a growing number of officers who are coming in and getting out of their vehicles to talk to somebody in need,” he said.

The new model for engagement was introduced in a pilot program that began in the Florida city of Miami in February, and has been rolled out across the nation to help police officers find the right people to help them in crisis.

Officers at the Miami Police Department, the city’s largest police department in Florida, are taking part in a three-month pilot project to find the best possible people to get involved with in times of crisis.

In order to be considered for a police officer, a person needs to be in a crisis, a crisis has happened and there is no other way they can get involved.

In this pilot program, the police department is using technology that enables them to identify potential contacts and identify their backgrounds.

Officers can then use the information to send a text message to the person, asking them to call their boss, or text back to let them know that someone is willing to help.

The message is then relayed to the police chief or his staff, who can then contact the person.

The officers in the pilot program have the same criteria, including having to be able call 911, and also have to be a member of a specific department.

The department hopes that this approach will reduce the number of calls it receives in emergencies, said Walker.

“There are some people who are just looking for a way to get to work,” he told ABC News.

“It is a very small minority of police officers who go out and do something,” he added.

This pilot program was implemented in Miami because it was the first police department that decided to adopt the new model, and it has also been approved by the city of Orlando.

Walker said the program is part of a larger effort across the United States to develop a more efficient way for police officers to get into situations in which they may need to make contact with people in crisis in order to make an impact.

“The idea is to make it as easy as possible for people to go out, get on the phone and get the right type of interaction that is going to get the job done,” Walker said.

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