When did you realize your child is homeless?

Posted September 20, 2018 09:00:08The homeless population in the U.S. is at its highest level in nearly 50 years.

A survey by the U,S.

Census Bureau found that in the last four years, the number of homeless individuals has increased by more than 300,000, and it has risen for nearly four years in a row.

In 2016, the homeless population was over 5.4 million, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

The most recent survey of homeless people by the Census Bureau shows that a majority of the nation’s homeless population is people of color.

In 2015, about 30 percent of the country’s homeless were black, while another 29 percent were Hispanic.

The largest percentage of the homeless people are people of colour.

In addition, homeless individuals are more likely to be women and more likely of color, according to the report.

While many people in the homeless community have experienced homelessness in one form or another, they are increasingly struggling to find affordable housing.

The median monthly rent for an apartment in a one-bedroom in 2016 was $3,200, according the Census.

A one- bedroom in a two-bedroom was $5,300, while a one bedroom in three-bedroom cost $8,400.

According to the National Alliance on Homelessness, homelessness in the United States is at a record level, with an estimated 6.1 million people experiencing homelessness.

A quarter of those experiencing homelessness are children and young adults, according data from the U.,S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The National Alliance for the Homeless said the homeless are increasingly facing economic stress, and are particularly vulnerable to the effects of rising costs.

In 2015, the National Association of Counties, a nonprofit organization, said that the homeless experienced a $6.2 billion drop in their income in the year ended March 31, 2019.

In the same period, the unemployment rate rose by 9.2 percentage points.

A higher rate of unemployment is often associated with more severe stress and higher rates of homelessness, the report said.

The homeless are also more likely than others to live in motels, which are not regulated by the federal government.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that, according a recent report, the average length of stay at a motel in 2015 was 18 days.

A survey by New York City Housing Authority found that about 40 percent of households that have homeless people were in families.

The majority of homeless families live with at least one other person, according Topps.

The families of those who are homeless are the most likely to live with their children.

New York City’s homeless shelters are often overcrowded, and many families have nowhere to go.

Many shelters also do not have enough beds, to the point where people who have been at a shelter for a while are unable to stay overnight, the AP reported.

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