When Philly Water Department Pushes Out Philadelphia Fire Department

By: John Vibes | November 1, 2019 12:58:00 The Philadelphia Water Department is pushing out the city’s fire department, the city said.

The department will no longer be a part of the Philadelphia Fire Dept., the city tweeted Tuesday.

It did not say when the department would be able to return to work.

“The City of Philadelphia and the City of Lancaster have agreed that the Philadelphia Water and Sewerage Department should no longer work in conjunction with the City Fire Department,” the city stated in a tweet.

“While it is unclear when the City Water and sewerage Department will be able return to normal operations, the City is committed to ensuring that the City’s fire and EMS departments remain in a state of continuous operation.”

The tweet followed a meeting Tuesday afternoon between the city and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Mayor Vincent Gray.

The meeting took place at City Hall.

The city said the fire department will be working alongside the city fire department during the firestorm that began in mid-November.

The city also released a statement saying, “The Philadelphia Fire and EMS Department is an integral part of our city’s response to the ongoing Philadelphia Climate Action Plan and will continue to operate in the best interest of the city, including ensuring the safety and welfare of our residents and our neighborhoods.”

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