Which of the Cincinnati police departments are most likely to report the highest numbers of drug overdoses?

The Cincinnati Police Department, which was once a center of medical innovation, has now fallen behind the rest of the state when it comes to the number of overdose deaths, according to a new study from the Cincinnati Health Department.

The study found that the city is now one of the 10 most overdose-affected cities in the state.

The city’s opioid crisis is being blamed on prescription drug use and poor drug enforcement policies.

The study examined data from the National Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force’s 2017 National Epidemiologic Survey on Drug Use and Health, which included data from 1,200 adults ages 12 to 64 in the Cincinnati area.

The task force found that there were 6,737 opioid overdose deaths in Cincinnati in 2016, while 5,838 deaths were reported from the entire state.

While the city of Cincinnati is the only city in Ohio to have an opioid crisis, the study noted that its population of 1.8 million has the largest overdose burden in the country.

The city also has the highest rate of non-fatal overdoses in the entire country.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2016 there were 3,724 non-Fatal overdoses, which represented 16.4 percent of all non-medical overdoses in America.

The report found that drug-related deaths in the city were highest in the neighborhoods around the Cincinnati Police Academy, the headquarters of the department.

While there were 431 drug-involved drug deaths reported in the neighborhood, the task force also noted that there was only one overdose death in the community of the academy.

Cincinnati is also the only county in Ohio that has a higher rate of opioid overdose fatalities than in the rest

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