Why are there so many dead in Lincoln police department?

A group of Lincoln, Kansas, officers was killed in a drive-by shooting in April.

A month later, an officer was fatally shot during a traffic stop in Plano, Texas.

In the case of the two incidents, the city has had to pay $2.3 million to the families of the officers.

The Lincoln Police Department said in a statement Wednesday that the shooting and shooting death of Sgt. Michael J. Kipman was an accident, according to The Associated Press.

The department said the department’s Internal Affairs Division, which investigates officer-involved deaths, was looking into the matter.

Kipman, a five-year veteran of the Lincoln Police, was shot in the head as he was driving to work Tuesday night.

Kipsman was driving his squad car at the time.

The car was parked on the street and a car pulled up, police said.

The officer who pulled up and opened fire on the car said he fired because Kipmans license was suspended, the AP reported.

Kipperman died at a hospital.

Police said Kipmann had stopped at a traffic light to get out of a traffic jam when the driver of a car, who was not involved in the traffic stop, pulled up behind Kipmen’s car.

The man fired multiple shots, striking Kipmings head and killing him, the police statement said.

In a statement, the Plano Police Department acknowledged the shooting but said it was not clear what prompted the officer to shoot.

Kiptman’s family said in an email to NBC station KWCH that they were saddened and devastated by the incident.

Kipsman’s death is a terrible loss to all of us who knew and loved him,” the family wrote.

Kwiazek was not in custody on Wednesday and remained at large.

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